Topic Name Big Question or Idea
Networking How does a computer network really work?
System fundamentals How do you design a system so it works really well for your client or customer?
Resource management How does your computer manage competition for limited resources?
Course orientation What do I need to know, understand and do to be prepared for this class?
Computer organization How does a computer actually work? You know, like, really?
Computational thinking How do we think about problems in a way which makes them solvable for a computer?
Abstract data structures Why do programmers organize data in specific ways? What advantages does one way of organizing data have over a different way of organizing data?
Control What is a control system? How does a control system work?
Web science What is the web, really? How is the web made? How do we design and build web-based applications?
Modeling and simulation How do models and simulations help us understand and improve our world?
Programming How do we plan, write, execute, and test instructions a computer can understand and process?
Development How do we plan, design, write, and test code well?
Design: Evaluation How do you know your design has solved the problem you set out to solve?
Design: Creating the Solution How do we plan and create a high-quality solution?
Design: Developing Ideas Every design has a success criteria which are used to build your solution to a problem.
Design: Understanding a Problem How well do you really understand the problem you are trying to solve?
IA How do we create an authentic, technically challenging solution to a real world problem?
Case study What are new technologies and how can we understand them better?
Revision How do we study and learn so we can transfer our understanding and knowing?