The Big Question in Design: Developing Ideas

Every design has a success criteria which are used to build your solution to a problem.

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After a designer has thoroughly understood a problem, we develop success criteria. The success criteria clearly explains what your solution MUST HAVE. For example some students designed a program to help manage homework. The list below is example of some of their success criteria:

  1. Make an option to add assignments
  2. Make an option to delete assignments
  3. Make an option to edit assignments
  4. Create option for submitting due date
  5. Create option to change due date
  6. Create option for no due date
  7. Create notifications for upcoming assignments

This means when you are done building a solution, it must have the criteria above. Without the criteria above, you have not met the design goals.

When we develop ideas:


  1. We can develop detailed design specifications, which explain the success criteria for the design of a solution based on the analysis of the research
  2. We can develop a range of feasible design ideas, using an appropriate medium(s) and detailed annotation, which can be correctly interpreted by others
  3. We can present the chosen design and justifies fully and critically its selection with detailed reference to the design specification
  4. We can develop accurate and detailed planning drawings/diagrams and outlines requirements for the creation of the chosen solution.


Transfer goals

The more specific and focused your success criteria, the better you will solve the problem you set out to solve. For any problem you should be able to develop success criteria and explain why you have chosen that specific success criteria. 

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