The Big Question in Abstract data structures

Why do programmers organize data in specific ways? What advantages does one way of organizing data have over a different way of organizing data?

Description and resources for Abstract data structures

The reason we use abstract structures is because they efficiently use memory based on the design of the data stored in them. With very large amounts of data or very frequently changing data, the data structure can make a huge difference in the efficiency (run time) of your computer program.

In more common language, an abstract data structure is just some arrangement of data that we've built into an orderly arrangement.

What is really interesting here is how and why we store data.

Transfer goals

The key transfer here is to build performant algorithms. You should be able to look at a novel abstract data structure and understand the benefit of that specific structure. Please remember: abstract data structures use memory in specific way to optimize the operations on data within that data structure.  

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