The Big Question in System fundamentals

How do you design a system so it works really well for your client or customer?

Description and resources for System fundamentals

We are concerned with how systems integrate into organizations and how people use them. If someone is paying you a billion dollars to design and build a system, you better do a good job! What is a well-designed system?

Planning and system installation
Big question: when we are designing and building a system, how do we test to make sure our new system is good? How do we implement a system when there is an older system being used? How do we move data from an older system to a newer system?

Big question: If someone asks for a change in a system, how do we make a change so we don't break something?

User Focus
Big question: how do we train and document a system so people get the maximum value from the system?

System Backup
Big question: how we prevent data loss?

Software Deployment
Big question: what is the best way to release or update a system?

Components of a computer system
Big question: what roles can a computer play in todays world?

System Design and analysis
Big question: how do you know what your customer really wants?

Human interaction with the system
Big question: how do you know if your system is usable by your client?