Solving Complex Problems Through Programming

Tuesday 5 October 2021 - Block 6, Room C152
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Daily Note

  1. We will review your formative quiz
  2. We will dig into dictionaries, just to be sure you understand them  
    1. We will watch this excellent video
    2. Please read and apply the examples on this page 
    3. Please familiarize yourself with the methods dictionaries provide
    4. Please read and try the examples on this page
  3. We will discuss your advanced project


A little less comfortable

A little more comfortable

Our Big idea

The big idea for today is Programming.

The essential questions for this topic are:

How do we plan, write, execute, and test instructions a computer can understand and process?

It takes time to explore and really understand a big idea. If you want to
learn more about programming (which is connected to today's daily note), please click here .

We are learning this because as a designers must understand scientific and technical innovation. Designers use systems, models, methods, and processes to solve problems.



Reminders & routines:

IF (today ==  testing_day_for_me) {
     remember to go get tested!;

IF (this_block == first_block_day) {

IF (today == Friday) {

As I am taking attendance:

  1. Please check now: is visual studio code working from my programming folder?