Daily note for IB Year 2 Standard Level Computer Science

Block 1, Room C152

Friday 16 October 2020


Daily Note

The plan for our class:

  1. We will use this system for collaborative coding: http://develop.computersciencelearning.org/

  2. We will review our virtual learning protocols
  3. Please register for an account on https://discuss.computersciencewiki.org/
    1. Please post one question or comment
    2. Please come to me and tell me one word that begins with the first letter of your last name. For me, the first letter of my last name is M, so I might say "monkey". If you do this, I'll give you some candy. 
    3. Please reply to one question or comment
  4. We work through the way a program works at a very deep level. Please check "in class work" in google classroom. 

Your homework for today: 

  1. All homework is on Google classroom (and only google classroom


A little less comfortable


A little more comfortable


Our Big idea

The big idea for today is Computer organization.

The essential questions for this topic are:

How does a computer actually work? You know, like, really?

It takes time to explore and really understand a big idea. If you want to
learn more about computer organization (which is connected to today's daily note), please click here.



Zoom Link for our class: https://zoom.us/j/7430326991

Google classroom: here
Syllabus: Click here
All daily notes: Click here

Covid-testing link: Click here
High school bulletin: Click here
Current event activity: Click here




Reminders & routines:

IF today ==  testing_day_for_me:
     remember to go get tested!

IF today == first_period_of_day:

IF today == Friday:


Please read and follow these reminders:

  1. Always start every class by reading our daily note

  2. Please check now: is visual studio code working from my programming folder?